David Bowie

UPDATED — We have four essays that discuss Bowie (not all of them exclusively focused on him, though), and at least one of them, from what I hear, will now include discussion of Blackstar

David Bowie has a new album coming out in January, Blackstar. His latest musical influences appear to include the Borg and the planet Jupiter. And, poor guy, his video has been out less than a day on YouTube and only has 800,000 hits. Show your support by watching the video.

I’m happy to say that Rock and Romanticism has four essays that include at least some discussion of Bowie:

Emily Bernhard-Jackson, “Not Just Floppy Shirts and Thigh Boots:  How The New Romantics Re-Made Romanticism” (Bowie shows up here as the first of the New Romantics).

Samuel Gladden, “Moping, Posturing, Disavowing: Bowie, Morrissey, and the Complex Legacy of Frankenstein.”

Paul Rowe, “David Bowie the Romantic Artist and Thinker: Another Look at The Berlin Triptych

Meagan Wilson, “The Light that Shines Above the Grocer’s Store: David Bowie’s Domestic Spaces”

But somehow I don’t think we’ve exhausted the topic.


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