Music for the Anthology, 1990-1999

These music and video pages have been set up to allow visitors to listen to some of the songs that are going to be discussed in the anthology Rock and Romanticism. This page is dedicated to music from the 1990s.

Contributor Paper Title and Music
Tom Dillingham “‘Dance Around in Your Bones’: Tom Waits, Robert Wilson, William Burroughs and the Freeshooter.” Tom Waits’s The Black Rider, 1990.
Samuel Gladden “Moping, Posturing, Disavowing: Bowie, Morrissey, and the Complex Legacy of Frankenstein.” Morrisey, “November Spawned a Monster,” 1990.
Douglas Root “William Blake and Grunge: Alternative Innovators,” Pearl Jam, Ten, 1991.
Michael Ziegler “‘Dreaming the Crow-Black Dream’: Schelling’s ‘Dark Principle’ and the Ephemerality of Love in The Cure’s ‘Burn.'” The Cure, “Burn,” 1994.
Mark McCutcheon “‘Little Crimeworn Histories’: Nick Cave and the Roots-Raves-Rehab Story of Rock Stardom,” Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Murder Ballads, among others, 1995.
Jessamyn Swan “Byronic and Blakean Influences on Marilyn Manson’s Antichrist Superstar,” 1996.
Catherine Girodet “Tales of the Female Lover: the Poetics of Romantic Love and Transgressive Sexuality in the Music of P.J. Harvey,” P.J. Harvey, Is This Desire?, 1998.

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