Music for the Anthology, 2000-Present

These music and video pages have been set up to allow visitors to listen to some of the songs that are going to be discussed in the anthology Rock and Romanticism. This page is dedicated to music from the 2000s.

Contributor Paper Title and Music
James South “‘Secretly charmers feel like they’re frauds’: Aimee Mann and the Convictions of Romanticism,” Aimee Mann, “Save Me,” among others, 2000.
Sherry Truffin “Lou Reed and Edgar Allan Poe,” Lou Reed, The Raven, 2003.
Eike Träger “The World Is Mine: Pathetic Fallacy and Mind-Forg’d Realities in Emo(tional) Rock Music,” AFI (among others), “Death of Seasons,” 2003. Song selection taken from AFI’s latest album, Burials, 2013.
Bo Earle “Shelley’s Defense of Pop,” Citizen Cope, among others, 2004.
Christopher Stampone “‘I possess your soul, your mind, your heart, and your body’: External and Internal Gothic Hauntings in Eminem’s Relapse,” Eminem, Relapse, 2009.
Nicole Lobdell “Digging Up the Roots: Martha Redbone’s The Garden of Love: Songs of William Blake,” Martha Redbone’s Roots Project, 2012.
Ronald Morrison “‘There’s no way back to Eden from what I’ve seen’: Blackberry Smoke and the Elegiac Mood in Neo-Southern Rock,” Blackberry Smoke, The Whipoorwill, 2012.
Luke Wilson “Tangled up in Blake: the Triangular Relationship between Dylan, Blake and the Beats,” Bob Dylan, “Roll on John” (and others), 2012.
Scott Calhoun “’Hear the Voice of the Bard’: U2’s Romanticism for an iTunes Age,” U2, Songs of Innocence, 2014.
Lisa Crafton “‘Tangle of Matter and Ghost’: U2, Leonard Cohen, and Blakean Romanticism,” U2, Songs of Innocence, 2014.


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