Nuts and Bolts for Contributors

This page provides information and instructions for contributors to the edited anthology Rock and Romanticism: The David Bowie Edition.

  • The question asked by this anthology is, “How do the intersections of David Bowie’s oeuvre and Romanticism expand, nuance, and challenge our definition or understanding of Romanticism?” How does your essay help us answer the question, “What is Romanticism?” Try not to just draw comparisons between Bowie and Romanticism, but to theorize or historicize that comparison to draw a conclusion from it.
  • But while you’re doing this very serious work, have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to be bold, creative, transgressive, or to take risks.
  • Write well. The tendency in academic publishing is toward clarity of expression, but I have no interest in suppressing any styles or approaches. Write what works best.
  • Please use Times New Roman 12 pt. font throughout.
  • Please use only one space following a period. I know that will be odious to authors who learned to type before the 1980s or 1990s, but in the event that these essays are available in electronic or other eBook form that extra space will invariably become at times an unnecessary space at the beginning of a line near the left margin. Line lengths and page widths are not fixed in many forms of electronic publishing.
  • Please follow Chicago Style, 16th edition, notes and bibliography. Please use endnotes and provide a bibliography at the end of your essay. A style guide and sample essay will be sent to contributors.
  • Please provide, in a separate file, a list of terms to be indexed. This index should at minimum include all significant names, titles of works (books, poems, songs, albums, artworks, operas, films, etc.), places (when significant), and concepts.
  • Please keep your essays to about 6500 words, including notes and bibliography.
  • It is the author’s responsibility to secure permission to use artwork, photographs, or quotations from song lyrics or from poetry not in public domain. No more than three lines from any of Bowie’s lyrics across the entire volume can be printed without permission. All epigraphs, regardless of length, require permission unless they are from works in the public domain. While we will have to follow the guidelines established by the press who ultimately chooses to publish this volume, this is the most common rule followed by most presses. Get to work on seeking permissions early.
  • Proposed timeline, all dates 2018:
    • January 31st: all proposals received.
    • February 15th: notifications of acceptance sent.
    • March 1st: full proposal sent to publisher.
    • July 15th: first drafts of essays received from contributors. Email your essays to jamesrovira at gmail dot com.
    • August 1st: first drafts of essays returned to contributors with feedback and requests for revisions.
    • August 15th: revised drafts of essays due.
    • September 1st: first draft of anthology sent to publisher if we have secured a publisher by that date.Tentative project schedule (2018 dates):

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