Music for the Anthology, 1980-1989

These music and video pages have been set up to allow visitors to listen to some of the songs that are going to be discussed in the anthology Rock and Romanticism. This page is dedicated to music from the 1980s.

Contributor Paper Title and Music
Emily Bernhard Jackson “Not Just Floppy Shirts and Thigh Boots: How The New Romantics Re-Made Romanticism.” David Bowie, among others, 1980.
Robert McParland “Van Morrison and Romantic Tradition,” Van Morrison, Common One, 1980.
Len von Morzé “‘Postcards from Waterloo’: Tom Verlaine in the Post-Napoleonic Moment,” Tom Verlaine, 1982. Song taken from a live performance of “Mr. Blur” during the same period.
Simonetta Falchi “‘And the Tale Goes On and On and On’: The Wandering Jew’s Progress from Myth to Heavy Metal.” Iron Maiden, “Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” 1984.
Michael MacLeod “World of Wonders: Bruce Cockburn and the Poet-Activist in Times of Turmoil,” Bruce Cockburn, World of Wonders (among others), 1986.
Fannina Waubert de Puiseau “From Werther Fever to Bieber Fever: Transgressing Time to Discover Romanticism,” Philip Glass (among others), Solo Piano, 1989.

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